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Susan Miller horoscope for the week (3.14-3.20)

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Aries Your intuition is likely to affect your happiness this week. Sunday’s Sun linking up with Neptune in your subconscious sector of your chart may remind you that you already have the answers to some of your life’s toughest questions. Friday’s full moon in your health sector should give you a positive boost and help…


Your intuition is likely to affect your happiness this week. Sunday’s Sun linking up with Neptune in your subconscious sector of your chart may remind you that you already have the answers to some of your life’s toughest questions. Friday’s full moon in your health sector should give you a positive boost and help you break free from restrictive routines or bad habits. The vagaries of energy in your second house of finance on Saturday suggest that you should steer clear of get-rich-quick schemes, or those who have get-rich-quick schemes or guru promises to the world.


Your social life could be a roller coaster this week. Gentle Neptune may bring you a new person on Sunday who will spark your imagination, while Friday’s Full Moon will pump energy into your creative, romantic sector of your chart. The atmosphere of love may be in the air, but Saturday’s choppy Venus energy warns you not to get your hopes up until you know all the facts. Uranus is emotionally fiery, meaning relationships can be tricky over the weekend.


In the days to come, your talent will be respected. The conjunction of the Sun and Neptune in your career sector on Sunday will likely show off your creative skills. Your boss may impress you with an award or promotion. Friday’s Full Moon will radiate out of your home sector, putting family first, but Saturday’s erratic connection between Uranus and Venus could create tension. Try not to overthink a random comment.


This week you may feel stuck and want to find a way out of the situation. On Sunday you can enjoy the conjunction of the creative Sun and compassionate Neptune in your adventure sector. Helping people from a different culture or living in another country may be your passion right now. Friday’s full moon will magnify your communications sector, so you may have exciting news, but Saturday’s tension and excitement can be a mixed bag socially, so it’s advisable to wait until the dust settles before announcing any major plans. .


Your artistic or creative skills may help you get on the right track financially. On Sunday, the Sun and Neptune have a magical meeting in your eighth house of finances, which may bring good luck to you and your partner. Friday’s Full Moon will illuminate your money and talents, strengthen your imagination, and boost your self-esteem. Saturday could be a tense time, with ambitious projects likely to have to be put on hold until more funding becomes available.


Your closest relationships can be both magical and a little strained this week. The glorious conjunction of Neptune and the Sun on Sunday in your partnership sector could mean you’re dreaming about someone close to you or feeling like they’re thinking of you. Friday’s full moon in Pisces will bring more energy to this heady romantic atmosphere, where someone may admit to their feelings. Be careful on weekends, as a relative might break your imagination and bring you back to Earth.


Your daily routine may be left behind this week. The Sun and compassionate Neptune hold a gorgeous meeting in your health and habits sector on Sunday. You may meet someone whose kindness and support have helped you heal or go through difficult times. Friday’s full moon continues this theme, and it may make you feel like you have a good force looking after you over the weekend. Saturday’s planetary opposition could cause a temporary change in plans.


You may have a very enjoyable week of social activities. On Sunday, the Sun moves into a happy and fun zone of your chart with “kind Neptune.” As far as the creative side goes, this should be a special time when you can have a lot of fun with friends who share your passion for music, art and entertainment. Friday’s full moon in Virgo will once again boost your social life and encourage gatherings, but Saturday can be a little tense, with unexpected disagreements or irritating appearances.


Relatives or neighbors can bring a lot of drama, some amusing, sometimes tense. Sunday could be a romantic day, as that’s when the Sun’s life energies conjunct charming Neptune in your home sector. Visitors or relatives may introduce you to someone you find attractive, even if they are not a good fit for you. Friday’s Full Moon will be in your career sector, which could throw your work into the spotlight and you may have to make an exciting decision.


You may be busy meeting up and chatting with friends this week. Sunday’s conjunction of the Sun and Neptune in your communications sector could mean that friends or colleagues will gather to help you with a valuable project or charity. Friday’s exciting full moon in your adventure zone looks like it will encourage your travel plans, so this could be a very good time to book a vacation. Tensions are likely to intensify on Saturday as misunderstandings may be exaggerated — double-check before passing on the facts.


Positive feedback could send your confidence soaring this week. Sunday’s magical Sun-Neptune conjunction highlights your earning power. Your current idea might bring in some extra cash or even a new job. Friday’s full moon in Virgo could be a great time to combine your money and partner, revitalize your home, or get your business idea moving in the right direction. Be extra careful with your money when unexpected expenses or bills pop up on Saturday.


This week’s theme may be love and relationships. On Sunday, the Sun in Pisces conjuncts compassionate Neptune, your ruler. Kind words from a loved one may push any worries to the back of your mind. Friday’s full moon will shine from your romance sector, and if you have a crush on someone and are waiting for news from them, you may have exciting news. If you like your partner, you may decide to get married, start a family, or start a new adventure together.

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